What are Bizzy Base workstations?

The Bizzy Base is an all-in-one monitor stand and workstation. Designed to reduce clutter and allow you to create your own custom work environment through the use of modular organizers.

Go Minimal or Go MASSIVE... It’s up to you!

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Meet the Modules

Change Tray

Keep track of loose change, paperclips, and other small items with our change tray module.

Headset Stand

Keep your headphones and Apple AirPods readily accessible with the BizzyBase headset stand.

Sticky Note Tray

Tired of losing track of your sticky notes? Never misplace your stickies again with this module perfectly sized for 3M Post-it notes.

iPad and Pencil Holder

Mount your iPad or tablet front and center while you work. This is great if you're a creative and need to bounce between multiple devices.

Mug Coaster

Need a cup or two of coffee to get going in the morning? The integrated mug coaster module allows you to safely stack it on top of your monitor stand.

Plant Pot

Add a little greenery to your workspace with the modular plant pot. It's pre-sized for small plants, such as succulants and flowers.

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